PearTune MSO Tuning ebike Brose

PearTune MSO BROSE je zařízení používané k odstranění rychlostního omezení příšlapu elektrokola v 25km/h se středovým pohonem Brose (všechny modelové řady od roku 2014 až do roku 2019) v libovolné kombinaci se všemi dostupnými displeji na trhu montovanými s tímto pohonem.


€ 170

€ 140 excl. VAT

The PearTune BROSE connects to the pedelec system using compatible connectors. There is no need to set up the device or use diagnostics during installation. All configuration and adaptation to the settings of a specific piece of pedelec is ensured automatically.

PearTune is connected between the speedometer sensor and the engine unit and between the display and the engine unit. The display power is used as the power supply. All data such as current, average, maximum speed, distance traveled, etc. remain true on the display.

The only difference is that from the moment of installation you, not your bike, determine how fast you go. The maximum speed is limited only by the pedaling frequency.