How to choose your perfect E-bike

First of all, I'll ask you - Do you know how e-bike works?

jak vybrat elektrokoloYou may have tried it before, but more than 90% of future users have only heard of e-bikes and have never driven it before.

Are you one of them? 

From the beginning, we would advise you to take e-bikes from a neighbor or friend and try to ride it. It is very difficult to choose the perfect model for yourself without trying out how they work.


So, have you already taken a ride? Great - let's choose.

cena elektrokolaThe first thing you need to think about is the budget you reserved for buying e-bike. I know it's a little rude to talk about money right now, but it's really important!

If you want to invest less than 800 euro in e-bike, you better not buy it. Seriously. About 600 euro you can already buy a pretty good quality sports bike and you will be happy with it. And with e-bike for this amount- we don’t think so.On our website we offer only high quality products that are fully compliant with their price.

Are you still reading ? Great, now it will be more pleasant :-)

Let's think about what you need e-bike for. You think of it as your "vehicle" or rather as "sports equipment".

For routes mainly in the city and in shops  ►  City e-bike

 For trips on the road and on the gallery track  ►  Trekking e-bike

Over mountains and shafts   ► Mountain e-bike 

Alpha and an omega e-bike that suits you is the right frame, so that the e-bike is not too big or too small. You will feel safe in it. If you don't know how many "inches" (the distance between the crown of the saddle tube and the pedal center) is right for you, you better visit us and find out right away.    

If you know your size, choose from the main categories of lowest e-bikes without the upper tube, trekking with reduction (trapeze) or classical (diamond) frame tube, or from the mountain MTB , which mainly offers only one frame option with different shaped upper tube.   

Remember that there is no "female" or "male" frame - there is only one that is comfortable and fits you well! On our website we use the name of the women's frame if the main frame is shortened. 

Let's think about how much you'll be riding on e-bike in a day. Thanks to it you will open new horizons and distances, but will you really be able to sit 80 kilometers in the saddle?

With every e-bike of course you get a charger that you take with you on a journey where you are not sure of its length, and if necessary you charge your electric bike from any outlet.

baterieFor your convenience, we've created a simple tool for each model that can calculate the stock for your trip. You enter your weight (including your clothes and luggage), choose your track profile and possibly choose from the battery capacity (some manufacturers offer several capacity options in one model).


The battery costs about 1/3 of the e-bike price, therefore, sometimes the choice of a less capacitive battery can be fraught with the fact that your e-bike will be worse to serve you.

 Battery capacity is always specified in so-called watt-hours (Wh), which is an international standard. Today, the most common batteries on the market are 400Wh to 700Wh (exceptionally small and larger). If you weigh more, choose a higher battery capacity, which is probably the only advice we can give here.  


►►► If you want to know all about the e-bike's batteries, continue here.


umístění bateriePlacing of battery is another thing to look out for. Here we differentiate between batteries that are not integrated (e.g. installed instead of a bottle holder), batteries that are semi-transparent but still visible, and batteries that are fully integrated into the frame.  Then it's often hard to know at a glance if this is e-bike at all.



 You can choose any e-bike model if you store it in your garage.


  But if you need to park in the basement and you have to manipulate with e-bike, it is advisable to choose a model that is suitable for carrying (the wheel will be balanced).


  If you don't have a parking space, choose a folding electric bike that fits into any apartment - and (you can easily fold it in the trunk of your car or on the train). 


Find out how you can remove the battery from the e-bike in a situation where you want to charge it, for example, from the socket at home, and the bike stays in the basement. You should know that some new e-bike are designed so that the battery cannot be removed without special tools.

Another dilemma of buying an electric bike relates to the location of the engine. The common opinion is that the best available today are central engines. Most of the most powerful e-bike on the market are controlled only by hub engines (the engine is located in the center of the rear wheel). The central engine should be in cases where weight distribution plays an important role in changing inequalities. This is no longer important for e-bike travelers. We definitely recommend testing similar electronic bikes with both types of rims and then making a decision according to your own feelings.  The central engine will be about 10-15% more expensive due to its more complex construction.   

►►► If you want to know all about the e-bike's batteries, continue here.


Do not choose a new electric bike in the shape of a saddle or handles. Both of these things determine the comfort of your trip, but they are very individual.




Our range today is huge - at we offer you up to 500 different e-bikes models and variants. It is also important to choose your own personal preference for a particular brand, or you like a particular color or electronic wheel design. And this is also very important!

E-bike from will be your companion for many pleasant years.

It's also good to think about how much luggage you can take with you.:

You just ride with your backpack or bag,
Or you have more weight, you need to choose an e-bike equipped with a rear rack..

We will try to make your choice right!


Is there anything you haven't read here? 

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