The BOTTECCHIA brand was born thanks to the cycling legend Ottavio Bottecchio - the first Italian to win the most important race in the world, the Tour de France in 1924. Since then, BOTTECCHIA has been inspired by many cycling legends, many of whom have also made their bikes famous and have stood on the podium of major races, making Bottecchia one of the most important Italian brands in the industry.

BOTTECCHIA e-bikes are unique in their quality, technology and colour scheme. Experience and innovation have combined Venetian craftsmanship with the latest generation of state-of-the-art and international manufacturing techniques. The development of the products is controlled down to the smallest detail by technicians who follow step by step the design, production and testing. All e-bikes are tested in the lab and on the road to ensure maximum performance and quality.

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Very modern mountain electric bike. Equipped with a great OLI SPORT 250 W motor, 630 Wh battery and Rock Shox 29 Judy TK 100mm front suspension fork. Built on fast 29" wheels. With a range of up to 150 km.


€ 3,112
ON REQUEST - please contact us at +420 777 797 011 or
The BE36 EVO ELEKTRON is a full-featured full suspension electric bike designed for off-road enthusiasts looking for comfort and fun. Equipped with a 250W OLI SPORT motor and integrated battery, it offers high-level performance with a range of up to 130 km.

BOTTECCHIA B36 Elektron Evo

€ 4,149
ON REQUEST - please contact us at +420 777 797 011 or