E-Bikes with Bosch motor


Elektrokola s motorem Bosch

The German brand BOSCH is a mark of quality and this is confirmed in the case of electric bicycle motors. These motors work without problems and the level of reliability is almost 100%. BOSCH started developing electric drives for e-bikes back in 2010. At Greatebike.eu we offer all lines of Bosch center drives - Active Line, Performance Line and Performance Line CX.

The performance of Bosch electric bike centre drives varies by version - the most powerful Performance CX will impress, but even the weakest Active version will not let the average heavy user down. The slightly higher price level of the e-bikes is richly balanced by the quality of workmanship and these drives are therefore characterised by the lowest failure rates.

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Cargo semi-folding e-bike with Bosch Cargo Line.


€ 6,224
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