Celoodpružená eMTB

Full suspension electric bikes offer very comfortable and safe ride on any type of terrain. They are not only for "bikers", but for everyone who wants to enjoy the power of electric assistance and comfort in the terrain, perfect handling and smooth ride. High comfort "all-round" is mostly provided by air shock absorbers with adjustable damping stiffness and progressivity according to the rider's weight and the possibility of locking the damping units. On some models, a telescopic seatpost is also offered for quick lowering of the saddle during descents.

Our range includes MTB Full Suspension e-bikes for the discerning e-biker and those who prefer lighter natural terrain. There are also eMTBs for men, women and with a lowered frame. Get a discount on full suspension e-bikes by purchasing 2 or more e-bikes.

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ROCK MACHINE Blizzard INT e50-29

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