What type of motor is best? What type of drive should I choose for my e-bike?

Among Czech customers today there is an opinion that the engines located in the center are of better quality, but have no explanation for this statement than the article in the magazine written by the seller. But this may be true, because in the case of central drives, there are many different manufacturers of quality models. Everybody, of course, knows the Bosch or Yamaha brands, but many electronic bikes on the market have central drives from unknown manufacturers.

Great German í manufacturers like Maxon, Go SwissDrive, Heinzmann, and the world's largest engine manufacturer, Bafang, still invest heavily in improving the parameters of the rear drive areas, which will remain the prerogative of the tourist, urban and folding ebikes.


Rear wheel motor - hub motor 

Bafang nábojový motorThe main advantage is the ideal transmission of torque, so there is no slippage in the field. The rear-wheel drive is currently the most common on the market, and it certainly has more merit and a lower price than the central engine. The disadvantage is the sometimes uneven balance of the wheel, especially when the battery is placed on the carrier at the same time.  This results in more pressure on the components at the back of the bike and a slightly less smooth power dosage.

If you plan to drive on the road, but at the same time, even in the field, there may be a rear ideal option, taking into account the ratio of price and parameters of the wheel. In addition, the rear engine is appreciated by cyclists who want to ride frequently. 

Unlike the central drive, there is no need to use a special chain. Even the rear drive cartridge can be controlled by a compressed sensor placed in the pedal, which is an elite solution, estimated at 95% of the system on the market has a speed sensor.

Currently, the prices for the cheapest, but still high-quality electric breakers with hub motors are about 1200 euros.

+ most commonly used engine type 
+ availability 
+ instantaneous acceleration
+ simple service
+ ability to drive without the help of an engine (The engine is idling, has no resistance)

- Higher wheel load at the rear 
- Lower sensitivity for motor power dosage (depending on the sensor used)
- no torsional (pressure) pressure sensor on the pedal 
- higher engine noise level in a steep hill 
- In the event of a defect in the rear wheel, a key is required to dismantle the rear wheel with the engine 
- Inefficient energy management at higher loads (compared to the central motor, higher consumption)

The electric motor in the center of the wheel – center drive

Bosch středový motor

The center engine is from the perspective of balancing the optimal solution. These motors will surprise you with a comfortable dose of performance and a short reaction time assists. Thanks to the choice of the engine speed (in the suitable gear) is in the current implementation of the pressure sensor and pedaling center drive more economical and achieves longer dojezdů (according to the battery capacity) . Currently, the prices of the cheapest, yet high-quality e-bikes with a central motor, around 1600 euro.

+ precise and sensitive metering performance wheels 
+ quiet and smooth speech engine 
+ optimum balance and weight distribution, or center of gravity 
+ the choice of a suitable transfer with the speed of the wheel and the engine, therefore, it is possible to achieve an optimum travel speed while achieving lower power consumption of the wheel
+ maintain a simple removing of the front and rear wheels

- higher sensitivity to the accuracy of the adjustment of the shifting and derailleurs 
- shortening the life of the chain compared with the normal around 
- when driving without assists possible the resistance of the gear motor (according to type)