E-bikes with Bafang motor

Elektrokola s motorem Bafang

Bafang has been one of the largest manufacturers of electric bike components in the world for over 10 years. In Europe, its electric motors have become the de-facto standard. The Bafang motor is one of the larger motors in terms of volume, but it stands out because of its modular structure, where the control unit can be removed separately from the motor, which can be an advantage for the customer, who can pay less than other manufacturers due to easier servicing. The ride is smooth and the motor is quiet. The large backlit display has 5 levels of assistance.

In 2014, it introduced an integrated center drive, code-named MAX, which has become known as MaxDrive. MaxDrive finds use in many types of 250W / 36V electric bikes. At Greatebike we offer all Bafang center drive series - M300, M420, M500 and M510.

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