GREATEBIKE.EU is a subsidiary brand of the Czech Republic's largest electric bicycle vendor.

We have been in the e-bike business since 2007 and we would like to share our experience and passion for e-biking with you.

At GREATEBIKE.EU, we offer 12 e-bike brands in the lower/middle/high categories.
All of them at unbeatable prices.

Our company cooperates with the most popular Czech e-bike brands: Leader Fox, Apache, Crussis and Lovelec.

We offer speed tuning for all e-bike drive systems, including Bosch, Shimano Steps, Yamaha, Giant, Brose and Bafang. We can suppress the speed limiter, allowing you to utilise the full potential of your e-bike. 

Door-to-door shipping

All of the offered e-bikes are perfectly prepared before dispatch. Your e-bike will be assembled, adjusted and test driven in order to avoid any malfunctions. The battery and charger functionality is verified too.

We ship the fully assembled e-bikes door to door throughout Europe, exclusively via Kuehne + Nagel.

This means that all you have to do when your bike arrives is:

  • open the cargo box,
  • take off the bike protection,
  • assemble the pedals
  • and start riding immediately.

After-sales service

We don't just provide 'a service' to all our customers. We strive to provide after-sales service. If there is any defect, error or malfunction, we will contact you immediately with a solution. We will either contact the bicycle mechanic closest to your home or have the broken e-bike shipped back to us at our expese. More infomation about our after-sales service can be found here.

We offer unique commitments – a full 30 days for exchange and a 10-year guarantee for any bicycle frame.