Long range electric bikes

The range of an electric bike depends essentially on four variables - (remaining) battery capacity, rider weight, terrain complexity and assisted level. However, every electric wheel allows you to continue driving even after the battery has been discharged, as on a normal bike.

The smallest range has a folding electric school where the low weight of the wheel is the main goal. For example, the biggest power and great range have a mountain bike and some travel with more battery capacity. For example, our most popular AGOGS Uphill Tour 2016 comes with a 560 Wh battery up to 120 km, the AGOGS Uphill Woman 2016 ladies variant with the same battery range of up to 150 km, but only because the average weight of a woman which is stated, is about 25% smaller than the average man.

The best way to find out how big a race is, is to contact us, based on your weight, we will calculate your range, borrow your bike, and recommend optimal routes and ways to make the best use of the bike.

If you need a larger range with electric assist, than about approx. 100 km, you can, of course, let the bike charge (50% of the capacity is charged for about 1 hour), or you can buy a spare battery and double the trip.

Range estimates for mid-level assistance

Long range electric bikes

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