GREATEBIKE Delivery options

We deliver to all countries in Europe within EFTA agreement – All EU member states including Switzerland, Norway and Liechtenstein. Price and delivery time vary according to customer's specific destination.

For simplicity we divided shipping cost to 4 zones:

Zone 1:  Germany, Poland, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg.

Usual Delivery time (door-to-door): 3 days.
Delivery fee: 75€ incl. VAT (62 € excl. VAT for B2B customers).

Zone 2:  Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Latvia, Lithuania

Usual Delivery time (door-to-door): 5 days.
Delivery fee: 95€ incl. VAT (78 € excl. VAT for B2B customers).

Zone 3:  Italy, France, Portugal, Denmark, Estonia, Romania, Ireland, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Spain (excl. islands), Croatia (excl. islands),

Usual Delivery time (door-to-door): 8 days.
Delivery fee: 125€ incl. VAT (103 € excl. VAT for B2B customers).

Zone 4:  Great Britain, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Greece (excl. islands).

Usual Delivery time (door-to-door): 10 days.
Delivery fee: 163€ incl. VAT (135 € excl. VAT for B2B customers).


  • Payment for goods and delivery fee shall be done prior expedition. We accept payments in EUR (via online card processing or by Pro-Forma invoice via SEPA payments). If you prefer to pay in USD or other currency, please let us know in the order comments.
  • We apologize, but the accessories we offer are not supplied separately to EU countries (except Slovakia)
  • Logistics for GREATEBIKE.EU is provided exclusively by DHL Freight – the World’s leading logistic company. More info at
  • Electric bicycles from GREATEBIKE.EU are shipped in 98% assembled “ready-to-drive” state.  It means, that the recipient shall only attach left and right pedal and adjust the handlebars in the straight position.
  • If you buy 2 e-bikes, you automatically get a 5% discount.