CENTRAL E-bike - up to three times the rpm

ekolo.cz specializes in the sale and testing of electric motors with central motors. We asked Ing. Jan Havlicek, leader of the AGOGS electrics production .


Center drive Bafang

Performance electric bikes that move legally on public roads must always be at 250 W. Manufacturers therefore compete in another variable - speed Cive efficiency at the power, which is measured in Newton-meters (Nm). " The high torque is the main reason why more and more electric bicycles are popular with the center engine," explains Jan Havlíček, AGOGS Electric Vehicle Manufacturing Manager "Rear and Front Engines                                                 only around 30Nm, but the center drive has up to now                                                    90Nm. It's already known. "

Riders on the center-wheel electric boom also often praise the more natural feeling of driving . "The center of the wheel is ultimately the place where the classic pedaling wheel occupies and the center drive perfectly simulates this feature. "Says Jan. "An engine located at the center of an electric motor also has an effect on wheel balance. The center of gravity is more under the rider, the eco is better controlled , "he adds.

And other benefits? Advanced wheelchair users praise their ability to adjust the amount of torque transmitted to the rear wheel by changing gears . Some electrician owners with the so-called "raccoon" will swallow again that they are eco- economical and will go on the same capacity battery .


And the disadvantages? "Somebody starts sorting somewhat more difficult and noisy at first, but it's a good thing to tune up," he thinks. "The disadvantage as such is perhaps higher wear of the chain and the rear multi-wheel, which is a higher load on the center drive. The chain is recommended to replace customers with 700-1,500 km of ride. "


Looking for a central system at a good price? "From the current offer, the best value-for-money service of around $ 50,000 offers e-buses with Bafang from Agogs , Bosch - Active Line from Apache and the MTM / Trek electric wheel Shimano Steps from Leader Fox or Apache ."


Asked what kind of central drive brand he would buy himself , Jan replies, "We've tested the center drives of all renowned brands. Everyone has some obvious advantages and disadvantages, but I would recommend to anyone to come and try what he likes . "

Center Drive Brose


Shimano Steps center drive



Yamaha central drive

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