Elektrokola LEADER FOX

E-bikes Leader FOX belongs to the middle and upper middle class. In 2019, the LeaderFox brand started with 60 new models and versions of e-bikes which are fully assembled at the native factory manufacturer - Bohemia Bicycle in Czech Budejovice. The catalogue includes all main types of ebikes - urban, trekking, off-road and folding. A fully integrated battery with a capacity of more than 600 Wh offers real trips over 120 km. With the Ledaer Fox ebike, you'll be satisfied!

Proč si koupit elektrokolo LEADER FOX v ekolo.cz?

  • The selected e-bike LEADER FOX will be delivered fully assembled and ready to use.
  • We have a complete e-range in stock - physically represented in our showroom in Prague.
  • From us you get the pedelec always perfectly aligned and fine tuned!
  • You have the opportunity to exchange your e-bike within 30 days.
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The most affordable men's trekking e-bike with Bafang mid drive on the market.   Free repairs in the first year, including battery check and formatting!


€ 1,726.90 € 1,554.20

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