Elektrokola se středovým pohonem

Riders of mid-drive e-bikes often praise the natural feel of the ride. The centre of the bike is where a conventional bicycle takes up space when pedalling, and centre drive simulates this function perfectly. The motor located in the center of the e-bike affects the balance of the bike. The centre of gravity is more under the rider, the eco bike handles better. Currently, centre drive e-bikes offer the best e-bikes on the market.

In our range you can find mid-motor electric bikes at a good price as well as top quality electric bikes. Currently we offer the most common center drive e bikes BOSCH, BAFANG, SHIMANO, BROSE, YAMAHA. If you are not sure about the choice of an e-bike with a central drive, you can visit us in the shop and test the e-bike yourself.

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HAIBIKE Alltrack 10

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