SUV e-bikes

The interaction between people and e-bikes reaches a new frontier. eSUV models represent a balance between comfort and performance without compromise. The SUV category of electric bikes is characterised by muscular shapes and modern frame geometry. Basic equipment includes wide tires, powerful motors and powerful batteries as well as luggage racks and good lighting.

SUV e-bikes, also known as crossover e-bikes, combine a safe, versatile e-bike with exclusive features. eSUV is a multifunctional all-rounder. It is inspired by sport utility vehicles and is one of the newer types of electric bikes on the market. It combines the advantages of mountain, trekking and city electric bikes. Thanks to its top-of-the-range equipment, the eSUV is not only the perfect companion for everyday trips, but also perfect for off-road and all seasons.

It will surprise you with its speed, reliability and versatility. Practicality and ride comfort combine with the strong and rugged look of an MTB. Its versatility is also underlined by the fact that it has no top frame and can be used by anyone - male, female, younger, older and mobility limited.