E-bikes - Enjoy cycling with the power of motor and long lasting batteries 

Are you into cycling but hills complicate your journey? Or do you simply want to cover longer distances, enjoy your rude and still have enough energy? At Greatebike.eu we sell, assemble and manufacture the best e-bikes in Europe. We understand e-bikes down to the smallest detail. The e-bikes we have in stock are all 100% adjusted and serviced by our dedicated mechanics and ready for you to ride immediately. 

An e-bike is basically a classic bicycle with an electric drive, battery and other technological gadgets such as a display, control panel or various types of sensors. The electric drive helps you pedal and then you don't have to exert as much effort to get to your destination.​​​​​​​ We sell mainly electric bikes with a mid-mounted motor and electric bicycles with a rear motor.  If you wonder about buying an e-bike, you can learn everything about the delivery here

In our complete range you will find dozens of types of electric bikes. We recommend you to choose your right e-bike according to the purpose of use in the main categories of electric bikes we offer – mountain e-bikes and full-suspension e-bikes,  trekking e-bikescity e-bikes or folding e-bikes. If you don't know what type or the right size of e-bike, check our Buyer's guide.

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HAIBIKE Alltrack 10

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