Very modern mountain electric bike. Equipped with a great OLI SPORT 250 W motor, 630 Wh battery and Rock Shox 29 Judy TK 100mm front suspension fork. Built on fast 29" wheels. With a range of up to 150 km.

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Rider height: 165 cm



Recommended size*:
17 - 18" (M)

*Suggested sizes are for guideline only.

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Why this e-bike?

  • motor: OLI SPORT 36V 250W
  • battery: Sanyo Panasonic/LG 36V 630Wh
  • frame size: 48 cm
  • number of gears: 10
  • display: LCD HIGH VISION OLI
  • fork stroke: 110 mm

The Rock Shox 29 Judy TK 100 mm brings compatibility with Boost hubs and wider shells up to 2.80". A Solo Air chamber combined with TurnKey damping with locking option is standard.
Offset fork 51 mm (29") 
Extl rebnd damping settings, TurnKey lockout 
Crown material Forged, pocketed aluminum 
Upper leg type 30mm straight wall steel 
Length from axle to crown 510 


VEETIRECO are special tyres that provide the latest tyre protection technologies to push the boundaries of your ride. Top level, long life while maintaining speed, performance and safety are the features these premium tyres provide.

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E-bike range calculator

Total weight of rider (incl. equipment)
Battery capacity
Predominant route profile
For 80 kg riders, with a battery capacity of Wh when driving with average assistance after a predominantly , the range on this e-bike will be approximately
(Setting specific assistant mode, electro-technical state, battery age, ambient temperature, aerodynamics and driving technique could affect the overall range)

The OLI SPORT motor with 250 W and a maximum torque of 85 Nm has a high assist capability. Thanks to a more sophisticated chassis set-up, it can handle more demanding routes. It's suitable for intensive use and thanks to the air fork, shock absorber and telescopic seatpost, you can easily tackle even the most adventurous routes. The electric MTB system provides a sportier and more engaging ride that's ideal for off-road riding and can handle even the roughest bumps and trails with ease.

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Dodání elektrokola ve složeném stavu

BONUS K TOMUTO E-KOLU: služba v ceně 2090 Kč nyní pouze za 490 Kč. U elektrokol nad 80.000 Kč doprava ZDARMA.
Elektrokolo vám expresně (cca do 3-5 dnů) dodáme a bude připravené k jízdě.

Kompletně seřízené a otestované elektrokolo doručí přepravní služba přímo až k Vám.

Zdarma od nás dostanete: Detailní předprodejní servis, zajetí kola mechanikem, kontrolu baterie a nabíječky.
Dopravu kompletně složeného elektrokola (vy si pouze našroubujete pedály) ve speciálním 5-ti vrstvém extra velikém kartónu. Tento doručovací box zasíláme výlučně spediční službou TOPTRANS. Kam si řeknete, v rámci Česka i Slovenska. I na dobírku. 

Více informací
OLI SPORT central motor


The electric motor is equipped with a torsional pedal force sensor. The motor power is regulated by a control unit, which constantly evaluates the force with which the rider steps on the pedals. Simply put, everything works so that the more power you drive while pedaling, the more boost this engine provides.

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Integrated battery Panasonic 630 Wh / 17,5 Ah / 17,5 Ah

Battery Panasonic 630 Wh / 17,5 Ah

Li-Ion based cells in Panasonic 630 Wh / 17,5 battery are the heart of electric bike. The battery is integrated within e-bikes frame and when combined with centre drive motor it is a perfect harmony for great balance and handling while contributing to a very sleek look overall. This battery is capable of delivering up to 150km of range although it does depend on riding style and level of assistance enabled.

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Display for OLI SPORT motor

Display for OLI SPORT motor

The clear color LCD display screen will always keep you up to date with informations such as battery status and level of assistance, also other data concerning driving (speed, distance traveled, etc.). 

The electric motor itself (selection of the assistance rate) is then controlled via buttons plus, minus (on / off) located on the handlebars next to the front brake lever. How simple, convenient and safe.

Manufacturer BOTTECCHIA

BOTTECCHIA e-bikes are unique in their quality, technology and colour scheme. Experience and innovation have combined Venetian craftsmanship with the latest generation of state-of-the-art and international manufacturing techniques. The development of the products is controlled down to the smallest detail by technicians who follow step by step the design, production and testing. All e-bikes are tested in the lab and on the road to ensure maximum performance and quality.



Drive type OLI SPORT 36V 250W
Control OLI
Capacity and battery type Sanyo Panasonic/LG 36V 630Wh
Frame type and material Alu
Front fork Rock Shox 29 Judy TK 100mm
Number of gears 10
Derailleur Shimano Deore 10s
Shifters Shimano Deore 10s
Type and brand of brakes Shimano Disk 200
Handlebars Alu Raxe Registrabile
Seat post Alluminio Piantone
Load capacity 120 kg
Rims Raxe 29 TL30
Tyres VEETIRECO MTB 29x2,30
Pedály MTB Alluminio
Weight including battery 26,6 kg