LiON: universal e-bikecharger

High quality, powerful, universal and very light LiON charger for e-bikes and e-scooters.

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  • Thanks to its low weight of 350 g, the LiON is the ideal travel charger - it will save you not only space in your bag, but also time to recharge your e-bike quickly and intelligently.
  • The intelligent LiON charger is approximately four times smaller and three times lighter than any standard 4A charger.
  • Thanks to the rounded and compact shape, LiON will find its place even in the smallest pocket. No second battery is needed.
  • The LiON charger charges all types of batteries with the right adapter: all brands from our offer, as well as Ansmann, Bosch, Brose, Specialized and many more ...
  • It boasts a fast charging function and its universal design ensures that one charger is enough for the whole family or cycling trip.
  • Manual and predefined profile, your battery charges as quietly and quickly as you need. And the timer will tell you when the battery is ready to use again.

In the basic price of the charger you get one charging cable of your choice (currently 7 options of connectors according to the type in the table). Any other cable is then connected to the charger via the same interface.

Another charging cable costs 25 EUR.

LiON charger compatibility table
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Aplikace RideControl

The LiON smart Charger application opens up a world of connectivity for your control when charging the flashlight. The application allows you to connect your smartphone with a charger and have a great overview of charging the flashlight.

  • Optimal charging of all batteries
  • Manage up to 10 batteries
  • Customizing your own charging requirements
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