PearTune MSO OLI

The chip is used to remove the limit or speed limit on electrically driven wheels with OLI center drives.

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The chip is connected to the e-bike system using compatible and original connectors and does not need to be configured manually. All configuration and customization is done automatically. The chip is connected between the magnetic speed sensor and the motor unit and between the display and the motor unit and is powered from the display connector. All data such as actual, average or maximum speed or distance traveled remain true and correct on the display.

The chip can be activated or deactivated at any time while driving by pressing the "+" and "-" buttons within 1 second. The status of the device is indicated by a speedometer, where shortly after activation or deactivation, the rider can immediately determine whether the device is active or not.

Technical parameters:
Dimensions without cabling: 12 x 25 x 4 mm
Supply voltage range: 5 - 15 V
Maximum current consumption: 100 mA
Maximum power consumption: 1.5 W
Weight: approx. 20 g