Folding wheel

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Why this e-bike?

  • The following frame colors (and accessories) will be available for 2018 :
    • Black Jet Black,
    • Blue Whale Blue
    • Green Army Green
  • Favorite FOLDY Jigsaws have become a legend.   has been produced since 2010! In 2017, it was already the 5th generation that came with many improvements and even a lower weight of the puzzle !
  • The 2017 model series was offered in three matching color modifications: Black Velvet , Orange and Ivory .
  • How Good It Can Be Better - When designing a new Foldy puzzle, we always have a few goals - to create a very light folding bicycle that will have perfect design, great handling characteristics, only good branded components and will be financially available to anyone interested .
  • The frame of the new Folda folding wheel is made of high - quality 7005 aluminum alloy and thanks to this, we have achieved just 11.35 kg - including fenders and folding pedals! Still   while keeping the wheel load up to 110 kg.
  • Thanks to the new folding of the Folda handlebars, we have even reduced the resulting volume of the compound wheel. Compound Folders have a size of only 80 x 65 x 32 cm (width x height x depth). After folding, the bike will hold on thanks to the integrated rear magnet system . We sell the bag to Fold.
  • Fold your Folds with four moves in less than 10 seconds and stamp out the streets! Folds will drive you by car, free by train, tram or bus. With the optional durable transport case, you can carry your Folds with you anywhere - even on the plane !
  • The set of this folding wheel corresponds to the higher ranks of foreign jigsaws (eg: Tern, Dahon ...) but you will also get a higher price in a similar specification.
  • The individual components of the Foldy 2017 Folding Wheel are always perfectly matched to color , including fenders, cables, strings, cranks or bells.
  • Folds ready for riding are 150 cm long and its seat can be extended to a height of 70 to 102 cm (which is sufficient for people up to 200 cm - practically tested by the owner).


Frame type and material Aluminum 7005 TIG welded
Front fork solid
Shifters and derailleur MicroSHIFT R9, 8 speeds (11T - 28T), GripShift
Type and brand of brakes Front and rear jaws, Tektro 836AL
Load capacity 110 kg
Saddle and seat post Velo Plush gel, saddle 55 cm Ø31.8mm
Tyres Kenda Kwest 20 "x 1.5
Fenders ABS plastic, removable
Lighting Front and rear reflectors, pedal reflectors
Weight including battery 11.35 kg (without battery, it's not an electric bike :)
Dimensions (W, H, V) 80 x 32 x 65 cm