Elektrokola Gepida

E-bikes of GEPIDA brand are produced for more than 10years. The brand is characterized by a coherent set of models with the drive of the Bosch ,perfect functional design and carefully chosen high quality components. Installation of Gepida electric bikes takes place in Hungary and therefore offers a very interesting price compared to e-bikes Bosch models that are equipped in Western Europe.


Why buy an e-bike  GEPIDA on greatebike.eu ?

  • The selected e-bike Gepida will be delivered fully assembled and ready to use..
  • We offer the possibility of acceleration of the electric bikes up to 45 km/h in the form of an external chip.  
  • We have a complete e-range in stock - physically represented in our showroom in Prague.
  • From us you get the pedelec always perfectly aligned and fine tuned!
  • You have the opportunity to exchange your e-bike within 30 days.
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