Apache Power BBS 48V / 500W

A proven and reliable central engine that can be complemented by an accelerator lever.

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Battery capacity 11.6Ah

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Battery capacity 12.8 Ah

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Battery capacity 14.5 Ah

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Battery capacity 16.6 Ah

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Moto r
is installed instead of the center of the wheel. The engine has an integrated control unit and a PAS sensor.
The cables are provided with connectors for connecting the speed sensor (on the rear wheel), the battery, the display, or the brake levers and the accelerator. The engine is fitted with a 44-teeth converter. Upon request, a 46 or 48 teeth size converter can be installed without extra charge (please note the final order check).

is made of high-quality Li-Ion (lithium-ion) cells from Samsung. The battery weight is 2.95 - 3.6 kg depending on the capacity. The battery output voltage is 48V and maximum discharge current 15A (shock to 18Ah). We offer a choice of battery capacity up to 768Wh (16.6 Ah) for up to 200 km. We recommend placing the battery on the main frame tube of the wheel (optionally also on the wheel carrier). The control unit is part of an electric motor.

Multifunction display
with a separate driver. It can change assistance mode in the range 0 - 2/9, with the number of modes individually set (the range of the regulated power is the same for different number of assistance modes). The display offers Walking Assist and backlighting. In addition, it also offers the functions of a computer with an instantaneous speed indicator, distance traveled (trip / total) and hours.

The display connects to the motor via the EB-BUS cable.

Brake levers
with sensor braking or brake sensor on the cable can be purchased for CZK 390. The motor is connected via the EB-BUS cable. If the wheel is fitted with hydraulic brakes, the brake levers are not used.

Charger 48V / 2.5A (charging time 4-6 hours depending on battery capacity)
Transmitter with cover
Right and left handle + bolts
Speed ​​sensor + magnet
Installation material

The weight of the electrode is determined by its particular configuration. It moves from 7.4 kg for a 10.4-Ah frame battery pack to 9 kg. Weight is given including all accessories such as crank, carrier, interconnecting cables, etc. The weight of the charger is 0.55 kg.

For the successful installation of the center engine on the bicycle frame, it is important that there is enough space in the tread area for the engine itself, especially towards the rear frame construction.
The center engine requires clearance at a distance of X = 47 mm from the axis of the treadmill at the edge of the center socket. (see picture)
The rear structure of some frames is too deflected to the side, and the engine body rests on it before the center mufh. In such a case, the rear construction pipe must be deformed so that the motor rests against the edge of the central muffle.

Install the set on your bicycle
professional and express within 2 days - only for 1490 CZK incl. VAT including warranty.

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