Electrification kits

Do you have your favorite and fully functional bicycle and would you like to make an electric bike? To do this, you use the electro-wheel conversion kits that include not only the electric bike itself, but also the battery, charger, control, speed sensor and all other materials.

The electromotor for the rear and the front wheel is the choice, the most modern innovation is the electric motor to the center hub. All motorbike sets for your electric bike can be viewed and compared at ekolo.cz, where you can also advise which electric motor is most suitable for your bicycle.

The parts of the delivery are also detailed instructions, with which the installation of the electric motor and other parts can be handled by every more skillful dozer. However, we recommend using a professional installation of an electrode. Our specialists have already rebuilt several hundred bicycles on the electric wheel and you will get a 2-year warranty on installation. Professional express installation costs 1490 Kč and contact our service department to order it.

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