Why you should buy new e-bike at greatebike.eu

Because we have been manufacturing and selling e-bikes for a long time.
We understand your requirements. We have shipped more than 10,000 electric bicycles on roads and trails.


Because we offer the largest range of electric bikes. 
We officially we represent 16 Czech and world brands in 2019. You have a choice of more than 700 models of e-bikes with us. And that's why everyone chooses us, including you!


Because every e-bike we deliver is fully assembled and has its battery tested, hence 100% ready to ride. 
Logistics for GREATEBIKE.EU is provided exclusively by DHL Freight – the World’s leading logistic company. More info at www.logistics.dhl


Because we always offer you the best price in the market and that's a fact! 
We are guided by the prices of manufacturers and offer various discount promotions during the year, so your purchase of e-bike from us will always be more profitable than from any other seller. When you buy 2 e-bike or when paying for a pre-order, you automatically recieve a 5% discount.

Because here you can customize your e-bike as you like.
We offer a wide range of seats, grips and tires. On e-bike from GREATEBIKE.EU you should feel great.


Because we not only sell e-bike but also produce. 
Our company has been producing high quality e-bikes of AGOGS Electric Bicycles brand since 2010. This gives us much better access to technologies and service parts than the standard suppliers of electric bicycles.

Because every e-bike of any brand bought in greatebike.eu comes with a frame warranty for 10 years.