What is the range of the e-bike?

You often see information that an electric bike has a range of up to 200 km, for example. But what does this really mean and does an e-bike really have such a long range?

The range of an e-bike depends on many factors such as battery capacity, rider weight, terrain, riding style and more. In general, e-bikes with a higher battery capacity will have a longer range than e-bikes with a lower battery capacity.

It is also important to note that the range is given under ideal conditions and the actual range may be lower. For example, when driving in a city with many traffic lights and in higher temperatures, the range may be lower than the claimed value. The opposite can be even more true in freezing winter weather. This doesn't mean that you shouldn't ride an electric bike in winter - you just need to keep a few recommendations in mind.

Some e-bikes can have a range of up to 200 km at low driving intensities, while others can only have a range of up to 30 km at higher driving intensities. It's important to remember that the range of an e-bike can vary depending on many factors, and you need to check that it will suit your needs before buying one.