We represent great Czech e-bike brands for best prices

April 24, 2020

We represent great Czech e-bike brands for best prices

If you are looking for the best price/performance ratio on E-BIKES, those brands must be in your focus. Czechia is one of the leading e-bike exporters in Europe and local brands are both great by design, components, and also really affordable prices! brings you exclusively the Czech e-bike brands at unbeatable prices online with all guarantees and perfect aftersale service. 

APACHE e-bikesAPACHE e-bikes

With Bafang, Bosch, and COMP Drive engines. produced in the Hawk Mountains since 2012. Specialist for eMTB including Full Suspension. We offer full APACHE ELECTRIC BICYCLES range from 999€

Crussis e-bikes    CRUSSIS e-bikes

Undoubtedly the best-designed e-bikes you ever saw.  World best hockey players Jaromir Jagr is the brand face. They offer medium-priced eMTB and Cross e-bikes with unique octa-shape fully integrated batteries. We have a full portfolio to ship. 


Leader Fox e-bikes  LEADER FOX e-bikes

LeaderFox is a real market leader. Their large factory in South Bohemia focuses 100% on Bafang M420 and M500 e-bikes.  Their quality and look are really catchy. No doubt, that Dutch enthusiast voted LF the best international e-bike brand. We have a full portfolio to ship. 

Rock machine e-bikes   ROCK MACHINE e-bikes 

INTRAILWETRUST is their motto. For over 15 years the number one in the MTB bikes is building one of the best SHIMANO STEPS powered mountain ebikes. The 2020 Collection with brand new electric joyable bike e-Blizz is ready for you at GreatEbike. 

4EVER e-bikes   4EVER e-bikes

These folks from Moravia produce a quarter-million e-bike as a year for NL and DE market, but besides they created their own product based on German High-Tech Brose Engines, good batteries, and sleek designs. Looking for great BROSE powered e-bike under 2K EUR? We have it!


We have even more to offer!  Quality e-bikes from under 900€
Just browse our portfolio and choose the best e-bike for you!