Ripcap LENNY

On a bicycle helmet or cap? Ripcap is a helmet and a cap in one.


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  • No solid shell, do not expect any pushing the head. It's a stylish protection for your head.
  • Ribcap is a cap made of a special material with an elastic viscosity made in Switzerland.
  • Ribcap protects against scratches, scratches, lighter headaches, heats up and also drains sweat.
  • Unlike the classic helmet, it does not have a solid shell but is soft and can be folded into a pocket .
  • That's why Ribcap is suitable for sports with less risk of injuries or slippery surfaces such as hiking, mountaineering, paragliding, urban biking - just where there is no risk of falling on sharp objects.


Advantages of Ribcap:

- it is quick-drying and sweat
- Heats up
- UV Protection (50+)
- protects against scratches, abrasions and shock absorbers
- applies to sports with lower risk of injury
- is soft, can be folded (not a classic helmet shell)
- is comfortable to wear, you will feel like you wear a cap
- on the back has a relfex strap for greater security in the dark
- Can be washed
- is lightweight (max. weight 200 g)

Ribcap is not:

- certified as cycling
- Suitable for extreme sports (such as MTB)

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