Powerbox.one 4P - charging station for 4 or 6 e-bikes

  • Affordable "Out-Of-Home" charging solution for any e-bike owner.

  • Made for easy installation and all-year-round outdoor operations.

  • Complette solution for Tourism, Restaurants and Kiosks, Municipalities or Companies.

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HOW TO ORDER CHARGING STATIONThis product shall be ordered individually. To offer and calculate your own charging station, contact the sales department on the phone +420 777 797 009, by email info@powerbox.one.

Electric bike charging station  it's NOT any outdoor 230V socket!

How does an e-bike charging station actually work?

  • It allows the owner of the e-bike to charge the battery even when he is away from home. And without having to bring and carry your own e-bike battery charger (usually relatively heavy and bulky).
  • Thanks to the plug-in cable system and the ever-expanding portfolio of cable termination types, the Powerbox charging station is compatible with 80% of e-bikes operated on the European market (including the types with charger-to-battery communication).
  • The charging station incorporates original chargers recommended by e-bike battery manufacturers. Charging takes place with a maximum current of 4A, which is relevant for all types of e-bike batteries with a voltage of 36V. Charging the batteries from the Powerbox charging station is completely safe.

Start Powerbox PresentationShowcases of charging station installations, charging cable Configurator, Map of charging stations with details about their operation, information on Subsidies for e-bike charging stations, recommended Accessories - All can be found on the Product website www.powerbox.one.


Why not use your own charger when travelling on an e-bike?

  • The e-bike charger must not be exposed to moisture and therefore manufacturers warn against operating it outdoors. The original chargers are designed for indoor use with relative humidity below 80%.
  • If you use your own charger, then it cannot be locked to the e-bike and therefore it is dangerous to leave such a charged bike unattended. Very often we see the charger gets stolen and the owner of the e-bike has to invest a new charger - at the price of more than 200 €!
  • Travellers of e-bikes do not like to carry any luggage with them on trips and they have chargers weighing up to 2 kilograms! Therefore, they will greatly appreciate the possibility of recharging the battery of their e-bike at the place of its stop from the charging station - for example at your restaurant or in the square of your city.

Maximum compatibility and security.

  • The Powerbox charging station is equipped with precision electronics and branded industrial AC-DC chargers (manufactured by Robert Bosch GmbH, Shimano Inc., Modiary Co.), which are made for use with Li-Ion e-bike battery technology.
  • All models of the Powerbox charging station are certified in accordance with relevant European Standards EN IEC 61439-1: 2012 and EN IEC 61439-7: 2020 (Low voltage switchboards and Switchboards for use in special conditions - charging stations for electromobility). For each device of the Charging Station, its operator receives a numbered test protocol - The Cover sheet.
  • The Powerbox.one charging station is directly intended for outdoor installation. Thanks to the IP44 certification, it can be permanently (all year round) placed on the exterior facade of the building, or on a free-standing column. The charging station can also be successfully operated indoors (in the company's bike shed, garage, or at the reception). The packaging of the charging station has a high degree of protection against mechanical damage IK8.

Possibility of fast charging of six or even eight e-bikes at once.

  • Peak current consumption during simultaneous charging of 8 e-bikes is max. 15 A. Powerbox.one does not need any special protection or modifications of the electrical installations in the building (we recommend a breaker of at least 16 A.). We also install this charging station with 2 external 230 V sockets, protected by a circuit breaker (Hager - Standard "schuko" type).
  • Charging a normal e-bike battery (with a capacity of 500 Wh) from 30% to 70% capacity will take approximately 60 minutes at the Powerbox.one 6P Charging Station (average charging +200 Wh). The charging speed can be affected by the current outdoor temperature, the age of the battery (SoH) and its current capacity (SoC).
  • The electricity consumed for charging e-bikes is negligible in volume, one typical charge represents financial costs in the order of 0.1 - 0.3 EUR (according to EU market prices of electricity in 2022). Therefore, no payment module is implemented in the Powerbox Charging Station. We recommend offering charging to e-bike owners for free and using the time that the cyclists spend during charging in your company.

Non-stop operation surveillance, consumption monitoring and control via internet / mobile.

  • The Powerbox.one 6P has 6 status LEDs on the front (blue) - one for each charging slot, which informs about the charging status: not charging/charging and one operating LED (green-yellow): the Powerbox.one inactive/active device.
  • Each Powerbox.one Charging Station is equipped with a unique IoT (Internet of Things) segment for remote management through our cloud solution. It is connected via a WiFi network (provided by the station operator) or via an independent connection via LTE / EDGE mobile networks (for a one-time surcharge) to the Internet.
  • The operator has the option of remotely switching the charging station on and off from anywhere - only via his mobile phone or via a browser on a computer. It can also monitor power consumption and current station load and be notified immediately in the event of a station outage.

The Powerbox charges via the removable plug-in charging cable.

  • Unfortunately, there is no European standard for a universal charging connector for e-bike batteries (as is the case with mobile phones or electric cars). There are more than 40 different types of charging connectors used for e-bike batteries in the world!
  • That is why we have created a plug-in cable system, thanks to which the Powerbox Charging Station can charge dozens of different types of e-bike batteries from many manufacturers (up to 80% of all e-bike types operated in the EU in 2022). We are constantly adding new socket options - charging cable types.
  • Charging cables are usually available for rent from charging station operators, but the owner of an e-bike can purchase a cable that matches the battery connector of his e-bike or has already received it when purchasing the e-bike from the dealer. The charging cable weighs only 70 grams and fits in a pocket or in a saddlebag on a bike.
  • The set of twisted charging cables for the Charging station owner and operator (so-called Cable Pack) is at a price discount of -70% compared to an individual purchase when ordering with the Charging Station. We definitely recommend purchasing and renting charging cables to your customers.

Each charging station is individual and is tailor-made, especially for your business conditions.

  • Each charging station installation site requires individual access. The charging station can be placed on a wall or on a pole. The station can be provided with a front sticker or placed in a so-called Design Box - a cabinet in a combination of aluminium and sheet metal (in the case of higher aesthetic demands of the operator, a widely accepted solution for Municipal Monument reserves).
  • In order for the charging station to be attractive and used for your customers, it is necessary to install high-quality bicycle stands where the visitor can safely lock the e-bike - without fear of damage or theft of the bike.
  • The charging station can be operated completely unattended - if you decide to install the charging box at the same time - Cable Box. Then it will not be necessary to borrow them from the staff and the charging station may be in operation outside of your opening hours.

Navigation to your charging station - online advertising is included.

  • We immediately insert the newly installed charging station (if it is freely available to the public) into the Database of charging stations for e-bikes we manage, from where information and photos are copied to the Mapy.cz - European mapping server - into its special layer of the E-bike charging station.
  • You will get a new map address point completely free of charge, which will be immediately visible to thousands of e-bike users. Mapy.cz is the number 1 choice for most cyclists in the Central European region when planning their routes and trips on E-bike.
  • Your charging station location will also appear on Google maps and Open Street Map project.

Technical parameters of the Powerbox.one 6P charging station:

Height - Width - Depth: 26 - 36 - 16 cm
Weight: 4.5 Kg (without power cord)
Power supply: 230 VAC - EU plug or CYKY cable
Nominal power consumption max. 560W (4x 140W) without additional sockets
Circuit breaker value: min. 16 A
Output: 4x XLR-F (3,4,5) with lock, DC 4 A (2 A) / 42 V
Indication: 4x LED (blue) 1x LED (yellow)
Water and dust protection: IP44; protection against damage: IK8
Locking: 2x key, patent locks

Types of power cables - connectors

Powerbox expresses delivery:
within 6 days in a special package incl. accessories: 65 EUR  EU Wide. 


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