MOTOR - Bafang M500

Centre drive system

Bafang M500

Bafang has been one of the worlds largest manufacturers of e-bike components for over 10 years and in Europe its electric motors have become the ones setting the industry standards. In the last five years company has focused intensively on the production of central engines and it introduced an integrated central drive codenamed MAX, for which the MaxDrive design has become established in 2014. MaxDrive is used in many types of 250W / 36V e-bikes. Bafang is also the worlds number 1 manufacture when it comes to hub (front and rear) engines.





Motor type central
Power 250W
Max. torque 95Nm
Voltage 36/43/48 (DCV)
Motor efficiency ≥ 80%
Pedalling sensor integrated pressure sensor
Max. speed of assist 25 km/h
Weight 3.6 kg
Operating temperature -20 to 45 ℃
Noise < 55 dB


It is aimed especially at the segments of mountain e-bikes and speed e-bikes, and has been designed for that very purpose. The m500 is equipped with a torsion (pressure) sensor, the control unit evaluates the force of the rider's pedalling and regulates the motor's power accordingly. The electric motor offers a power output of 250 watts and a torque of 95 Newton metres. As with the M420, the maximum speed is 25 km/h or 45 km/h, depending on the use and local legislation. The motor is characterised by smooth and quiet operation, especially when changing gears, even when going uphill. The motor supports a Gear Sensor.