Central drive unit Bafang M420

Bafang has been one of the largest e-bike components manufacturers in the world for over 10 years. In Europe, their electric motors have become the de facto standard. However, over the past five years, they have focused on the production of central motors. In 2014, integrated central drive unit named MaxDrive was introduced. The use of MaxDrive is found in many types of e-bikes. Bafang also produces hub motors (front and rear), which makes it the world market leader in the long term.


Motor Bafang M420 Motor Bafang M500


Type of engine Center drive
Capacity 250 W
Max. torque 80 N.m
Voltage 36/43/48 (DCV)
Engine efficiency ≥ 80%
Pedaling sensor integrated pressure sensor
Max. speed assistance 25 km/h
Weight 3,6 kg
Operating temperature -20 - 45 ℃
Noise level < 55 dB



Motor Bafang M420


Bafang M400 central motor - formerly also known as the Max Drive has been thoroughly redesigned and is now available in stores as the M420. It offers a power of 250W and a torque of 80Nm. This type of motor is equipped with a torsion (compressed) sensor, the control unit evaluates what power rider presses on the pedals and, accordingly, regulates the engine power. It differs from its predecessor in the axis of the fixation. The software remains the same. A gearshift sensor can also be fitted to the engine.



E-bikes with Bafang M420 engine