For over 40 years Maxxis has developed high-quality tires for cars and light trucks, bicycles and motorcycles, ATVs and trucks, go-karts and garden machines. Maxxis concentrates its development in Georgia (USA). It is distributed in 150 countries around the world and has its manufacturing and development facilities in Asia, Europe and North America, with over 20,000 employees worldwide. It is thus ranked among the largest and most respected rubber companies in the world.

In cycling, it is best known for its advanced technology and the production of top products for DH, XC and BMX. Great advantage is the wide variety of tread, sizes and blends for all terrain.

Thanks to the fact that the Czech Republic is truly a cycling country, and that Maxxis has earned our trust in us, we offer you almost the entire offer of this brand. We also stock the coats that only some of you need. We also want to support the marginal cycling disciplines in our country.

Maxxis maintains its standing by its quality. Who ever drives Maxxis so he knows he can rely on them, whether he buys them for the first round of his child, for family trips, sports or racing ambitions.

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