Charger LEADER FOX 36V / 1,8A, Greenway

Charger for models: Lotus, Sandy, Holand, Cityzoom, E-Grass, E-Jasper, E-Cody, E-Ferrara, Inductor, Tifton, E-State, E-Sumava

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LED charging indication, automatic transition to retention mode as soon as it is charged.
Model: SHC-8100L
Protections: current, voltage, short circuit and polarity reversal
Active Cooling: No, it passes passively
Charger body: plastic

Technical Specifications:

Input voltage from mains: 100-240 VAC
Output: 42 V / 2 A
Output Connector: Jack DC 2.1
Consumption: 90 W
Weight: 340 g
Dimensions (without cable): 164 × 69 × 40 mm