Central drive unit Bosch Performance Line CX

The German brand BOSCH is a sign of quality and this fact is confirmed in the case of central motors for e-bikes.The reliability of these motors is almost 100%. BOSCH started with the development of electric drives for e-bikes back in 2010. In 2013, the brand launched the first generation of central drives, which de-facto started the central drive era for e-bikes. At greatebike.eu you can find all three series of drive systems: Bosch-Active line, Performance Line and Performance Line CX.

The performance of the Bosch central drives varies depending on the version - the strongest Performance CX amazes, but even the weakest version of Active will not let average user down. The higher price level is richly balanced by the quality of the processing and these drives are characterized by the lowest failure rate from the whole assortment.



Bosch Performance Line CX

With a maximum torque of 75 Nm is BOSCH Performance CX ideal drive for ambitious and demanding eBikers. In eMTB mode you always get desired power - from Tour to Turbo. Up to 300% of perfect support, incredible dynamics, unique adhesion and the gradual support of the motor automatically adapts to the individual style of your ride.


Max. torque

Powerful acceleration despite compact size.


For powerful propulsion, an extremely sporty riding style and fast sprints.

Central motor

Sustained support up to 25 km/h even on long mountain rides.




Motor type central
Power - nominal 250 W
Max. torque up to 75 Nm
Assistance level TURBO: 340 %
eMTB*: 140-340
TOUR: 140 %
ECO: 60 %
Max. torque TURBO: 75 Nm
eMTB*: 75 Nm
TOUR: 50 Nm
ECO: 40 Nm
Voltage 36 V
Sensors cadence
Max. speed 25 km/h
Weight approx. 2.9 kg


* In case of Performance Line eMTB can replace Sport. It can be activated / deactivated by manufacturer of e-bike or specialized seller .



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