BOSCH PowerPack Battery [11/13.4Ah]

High-capacity battery for BOSCH drive

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  • Genuine Li-ion 36V battery for Bosch center-mounted electrics.
  • Placing in an electric school frame.
  • Ideal as a new battery of the older Bosch wheel that extends its range.
  • Weight: 500Wh - 2700g / 400Wh - 2430g. Packaging - plastic ABS.
  • LG or Panasonic. Manufacturer BMZ, Germany
  • In - there is a black version of the Bosch battery (see pictures)
  • It is now possible to charge the Bosch battery directly on the bike, of course, it is still possible to remove the battery for charging.
  • The 500Wh batteries are the same as ACTIVE, PERFORMANCE, CX PERFORMANCE versions
The battery located on the electro-frame frame (instead of the drinking bottle - sometimes referred to as a bottle or cylindrical battery) is the optimal place for battery placement. An electric wheelbase with a frame battery has an ideal weight-to-weight ratio, because of its location, the battery does not interfere with the center of gravity of the wheel (such as battery located on the carrier). Another advantage is the compact design of an electric car, where the frame battery makes one wheel and does not interfere with the design of the wheel.
Self-discharge of battery (eg during winter shutdown) is very low. The normal voltage of these batteries is 36V-38V.

BOSCH Battery Facts for Electric School:
  • batteries do not have a memory effect = you can charge the battery even after a short ride or while driving
  • battery life is 600-1000 full charge cycles (if you charge after each ride, the number of cycles is higher)
  • battery life in km is about 15,000 - 25,000 km or 5 - 9 years
  • charging time to 80% capacity is approx. 1.8 hours (full charge within 3.5 hours) - Charger 4A.
  • each battery is electronically protected by the BMS ( Battery Management System ) to ensure long battery life.
  • low battery weight (about 2.7 kg)
  • on sold BOSCH batteries we provide 100% warranty and post-warranty service and special diagnostics.

The original BOSCH battery - at you can buy the most in the market!

Bosch has prepared for the year 2016 a welcome novelty in the form of a new battery for electric wheels with a capacity of 500Wh (existing battery had 300Wh or 400Wh). Due to the increased battery capacity and performance, you get this new feature with a longer range of electric vehicles that attack the 170km range.
In connection with the new battery, Bosch also comes with the new Bosch Performance Line Lini CX family. The new Bosch Power Pack 500 new high-capacity battery for electric wheels brings new energy to the electric wheels! The Bosch 500watthodin reacts in part to the desire of customers to lengthen the range of electric cars, especially thanks to the high popularity of the MTB category of field electrics that need more energy for challenging terrain and overtaking hundreds of height meters.
The new battery has a capacity of 25% higher than the PowerPack 400Wh, while the weight of the battery has increased by 100 grams. A 25% increase in capacity also means a 25% raise.
The big impact on increasing the capacity of the Bosch battery has greatly increased battery efficiency, making it possible to increase battery capacity without increasing the size and weight. That's why this new type of battery is compact with all electric bicycles that use the Bosch drive and are manufactured from 2014!