Battery Crussis SAMSUNG integrated 720 Wh

Replacement battery for CRUSSIS electric bikes. Battery fully integrated in the bottom frame tube.

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€ 650

€ 537 excl. VAT

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  • Li-Ion battery SAMSUNG with capacity 720 Wh / 36 V / 20 Ah
  • fully integrated
  • easy replacable
  • dimensions: 440 x 85 x 72 mm

For models:

e-Atland 7.7-M, 8.7-M, 9.7-M e-Guera 7.7-M, 8.7-M, 9.7-M, e-Largo 7.7-M, 8.7-M, 9.7-M, e-Fionna 7.7-M, 8.7-M, 9.7-M, e-Cross 7.7-M, 8.7-M, 9.7-M, e-Cross lady 7.7-M, 8.7-M, 9.7-M, e-Gordo 7.7-M, e-Savela 7.7-M.

e-Atland 7.6-M, 8.6-M, 9.6-M e-Guera 7.6-M, 8.6-M, 9.6-M, e-Largo 7.6-M, 8.6-M, 9.6-M, e-Fionna 7.6-M, 8.6-M, 9.6-M, e-Cross 7.6-M, 9.6-M, e-Cross lady 7.6-M, 9.6-M, e-Gordo 7.6-M, e-Savela 7.6-M.