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Charge your mobile devices via USB directly while driving!

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Do you own the AGOGS and have a plug on the USB power supply ?

Now we have a solution for you!

The AGOGS U-Cable allows any electric display with a charge display directly on the road. And that's good news for your smart mobile phone, navigation, MP3 player or AGOGS Bike Music 2 .

This is an extraordinary interface, which simply (without having to use any tools) connects between the connectors leading to the display of your electro. When the cover is opened, just use a standard rechargeable USB cable for your device and you can charge it!

You can use your USB cable or order it HERE

The connectors are 5 pin input and output , the whole device is equipped with brackets to easily snap it to the wheel cables and do not interfere with driving.

Technical parameters:

Output voltage: 5 V

Maximum current: 800 mAh

Can be used for all AGOGS electrics equipped with AGOGS display and other brands of Bafang, APT, etc. (Leader Fox, Apache, Crussis, etc.).