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Semi-folding electric bike with Bosch Active Line Plus motor.

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E-bike range calculator

Total weight of rider (incl. equipment)
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Battery capacity
For 80 kg riders, with a battery capacity of Wh when driving with maximum assistance after a predominantly , the range on this e-bike will be approximately
(Setting specific assistant mode, electro-technical state, battery age, ambient temperature, aerodynamics and driving technique could affect the overall range)

BOSCH Active Line motor is designed for anyone who gives  great value to an elegant look. With its compact size, the drive  unit can be optimally integrated into the bike frame. Its low  weight and low centre of gravity ensure safe handling of e-bike.  Without disturbing sounds, you can experience a clean riding  experience with fine assistance at speeds of up to 25 km/h.

Minimalistic computer for anyone who wants to have an elegant look on the handlebar, whether for urban or off-road use.

Compact, simple and easy to read onboard computer.



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Drive type Bosch Active Line Plus
Capacity and battery type Bosch 400 Wh
Control Display Purion
Frame type and material Aluminium
Number of gears 1x9
Front brakes Disc brakes Shimano, 180 mm rotor
Rear brakes Disc brakes Shimano, 160 mm rotor
Crankset Ergon
Handlebars Tern Sweep, 6061-AL,
Saddle Tern HSD
Load capacity 170 kg (cyklista max. 120 kg)
Weight including battery 25,7 kg
Dimensions (W, H, V) 163 x 40,5 x 86 cm (64 "x 15,9" x 34 ")