LOW-STEP E-bikes

Low-step e-bikes

The interaction between humans and e-bikes is reaching new frontiers. Low-entry e-bikes are becoming increasingly popular. They are no longer just "comfortable" e-bikes for less physically fit cyclists; they are also present in cross-country and mountain e-bikes.

They are characterised by a graceful frame with a very comfortable geometry, modern design and high-end equipment. The shape of the frame makes it comfortable to mount even for ladies in skirts. Low-step e-bikes will take away all your worries and uncertainties. Low-entry e-bikes are maneuverable, especially thanks to the specific frame that makes it easy to get on and off the e-bike. You can easily handle shopping, commuting to work and recreational rides on the bike path or lighter terrain outside the city. Better-equipped models can also handle mountain terrain without a problem. They will surprise you with their reliability and versatility.

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