Central drive unit Bosch Performance Line CX 2020

Bosch Performance Line CX 2020


What improvments does the 4th generation of Bosch Performance Line CX motor have over the previous 2019 model?

Let us make it easy for you and summarise all the important bits to highlight the main reasons why this is currently the most popular crank drive motor on a market.


Crank drive motors are currently the most popular drivers of electric bikes and even though they have entered the market fairly late it was their characteristics and performance that has immediately made them very sought after. Crank drive motors are now replacing hub motors and quickly becoming the new standard on e-bikes. And because Bosch is the market leader we dedicate this article to the brand and its Performance Line CX 2020 model.



Always maximum power

Low noise

Optimised motor effectivness and drivetrain for conquering long and rough ascents Ideal for fast and medium races and quick change of speed For riding with low noise and powerful power in all varieties 



Bosch Performance Line CX 2020


Most electric bike brands use Bosch motors for their reliability and precission engineering but its also their high power and overall properties that makes e-bikes with Bosch so comfortable smooth and powerful enough for any journey

Great aftersales support and availability of spare parts, network of service locations and dignostics as well as longest rated battery life it all contributed to Bosch becoming the market leader.


Bosch Performance Line CX 2020



What's new with Bosch Performance Line CX 2020 motors?

Bosch didn't just improve on the last generation but has now gone for entirely new design from a ground up with final results listed below:


New large drivetrain

Typical Bosch motor signiture has been small drivetrain but they have now moved on from that. Due to latest trends and especially customer demands the new motors are now built with more robust drivetrain as this always ensures enough power and smooth running. Cylinder clutch provides zero motor resistance when pedaling.

High Power

Even though the peak torque has remained at 75 Nm the BOSCH CX 2020 assistance has increased from 300% to 340%. Due to these changes eMTB mode now also automatically switches between Tour and Turbo. Support in this mode is adjusted depending depending on riding style and load. New motor offers from 140% to 340% as oppose to 120% - 300% found on last years models