Bosch Nyon

Bosch Nyon color display ensures that you always have all the relevant information on the go.

More options.
More fun while driving.


Displej Bosch Nyon Displej Bosch Nyon Displej Bosch Nyon Displej Bosch Nyon

Trip data

Map a navigation

Personal Trainer


All information clearly displayed. 2D and 3D map with easy instructions guiding you reliably to your destination. Nyon Enhances your endurance and it can monitor it including your heart rate. (accessory from 3rd party)

Nyon is smart and connected system to maximise comfort on your trip




Cyklopočítač Bosch NYON is the first new generation on-board computer with colour screen equiped with many features for daily use. For example Fitness, enhanced GPS navigation and music.#


  • Compatible with all Bosch electric bikes from MY 2014 and up making retro-fitting possible.
  • Independent mode switch ensures safe and smooth ride

  • Clear and easy to read display under all conditions

  • On-board computer is durable enough and waterproof. Ready for all terrain.

  • Compatible with eShift (easy gear change support and gear recomendation)

  • Clear GPS navigatrion with entire world map uploaded FREE

  • Option to upload GPX files through app and portal


Complete data about trip with data on request

Clear display of all the important  information on screen (battery status, trip distance, current speed, trip time and recomended gear even graph showing slope heights)



eBikeConnect allows BOSCH NYON users to change dektop format using 30 different options and 3 themes from their phone


Motor Assistance exactly how you want it

Prefer sporty or relaxd ride?

For comfortable ride there is 5 modes:

1. ECO - Low level support with maximum efficiency for the longest range.

2. Tour - Uniform support for rides with long ranges

3. SPORT - Powerful support for all types of riding, such as a sporty ride or for fast commuting in city traffic

4. TURBO - Maximum support delivered immediately - even up to the highest cadences for sporty riding. 

5. OFF - No support (all display functions are still available)


Ride modes are ready for various conditions no matter what you may come accross. This is so it can ride over any terrain by any rider.


Selected ride mode can be seen at the bottom right while recomended gear change is displayed at the top right of the sceen




Option of adjustents for detailed custom mode settings of electric power assistance (more about this in premium functions section).


Easy planning for everyone!


Small remote for safe control even at higher speed and uneven terrain is included


Choice of trip profiles:

  1. fastest route
  2. easy route
  3. eMountain Biker

Alternatively the shortest route can be worked out using S-pedelec.


Plan your own route or use OutdoorActive function over eBike Connect web portal using your phone or directly on BOSCH NYON display making exploration of new places that little bit easier.


Checkpoints and stops

Up to 8 stops can be added on route to discover all the sights around. Stops and checkpoints to plan your route can be easily added using portal eBike Connect on large screen or using eBike Connect Smartphone app. 

How about planning a new adventure?

All it takes is to register BOSCH Nyon with eBike Connect and the system is ready!


Favbourite adresses and shortcuts


With Favourite address function the navigation will find the best and the easiest routes even hidden shortcuts to your home or office.

Adress can be saved using portal eBike Connect or the Smartphone app and it can be used on BOSCH NYon screen straight away for destination or checkpoint.


Larger memory for maps

New BOSCH Nyon display now comes with 8GB of space which can store large amount of maps. And even hen you run of storage space there is no need to delete anything you can just start streaming eBike Connect using Smartphone  BlueTooth for all the additional map layouts directly from your BOSCH Nyon.





Your personal trainer

Displej Bosch Nyon



BOSH Nyon motivates professionals as well as hobbyists with FITNESS function to achieve better performance and at the same time shows burning of caliories by monitoring power, pedalling frequency, time, your height, weight and age to better your fitness level.

The technology also shows warnings of possible overload in regardes to your condition to avoid you burning out.

For even more detailed information, heartrate overview and optimal workload it is possible to connect a compatible chest monitoring for heats rate such as Polar H7.






Detailed fitness statistics on hand!




BOSCH Nyon shows power and burnt energy statistics including training detailes.








All the data including training efficiency can be viewed clearly and displayed on web portal eBike Connect, that is optimised for many different devices including tablets.



On-board BOSCH Nyon is part of smart network system BOSCH eBike Connect so you can make the most out of your electric bike.


Bosch NYON with built-in BlueTooth for direct comunication with mobile devices and wi-fi connection to internet. All the data are automatically transfered shared with all devices by connecting via Bluetooth or to a Wi-fi.


SmartPhone Application eBike Connect

Mobile app eBike Connect enables route synchronisation, map streaming and sat nav functions wherever you are with changes to all the main settings as well as working with income messages.


Nyní na Google Play




Display of messages on screen


Should you want to keep up to date during your excercise it can alert you of incoming messages without the need of taking hands off your handlebar which is much safer for you as well as other road users as your mobile devices can stay inside a bag.

Once you stop you can conviniently read the new message. You can even reply using BOSCH Nyon.



Charging port for other devices

Micro USB port located on a side of BOSCH NYON on-board computer is ready for your mobiles, charging lights and other gadgets that connect through USB. It also helps with diagnostics when servicing electric bikes.


Premium functionality
Displej Bosch Nyon
















Modified ride mode

In a nutshell you have a choice of 5 different modes but when premium service is are active you gain access to much detailed custom modes such as additional 4 presets. Change of preset can be done in mobile app eBike Connect or just through eBike Connect.


On our portal you can find "My eBike" -> customise ride mode. Within the on-board computer BOSCH Nyon can be custom ride mode activated after syncing in "Ride mode" -> "customise ride mode".

Presets of electric assistance can be changed on a go.


Real ETA + realistic arrival on battery

On board computer BOSH Nyon with premium functions enabled shows real time of arrival to desired destination and actual range with battery power. It takes into account terrain and surface in your area

Trip time and maximum range is only available when connected to internet and it uses data such near-by terrain and riding style and ride mode. Maximum range displayed is limited to 100km for technical limitations. In case the compuer realise that range to your set destination is no longer realistic it will show a warning.



PDF User manual

Instruction manual for this display can be found HERE

Full range of e-bikes with Bosch Nyon display