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Display Bosch Nyon

Display Bosch Nyon


More options. More fun while riding.


Display Bosch Nyon Display Bosch Nyon Display Bosch Nyon Display Bosch Nyon

Riding data



Control centre

The Nyon ensures you always have all the relevant information in view while eBiking. The Nyon guides you reliably to your destination, with either a 2D or 3D map view. The Nyon acts as your personal trainer, offering heart rate measurement as an option. The Nyon controls the system and follows an intelligent approach to get you to your destination.





Motor support according to your wishes

Sporty or relaxed: five different riding modes mean you can choose precisely the motor support you want. You can modify the riding modes individually with an additional premium function. 


A complete overview

From time, speed, shift recommendation and range to distance or battery charge level, the Nyon can show you all the important information at a glance.


Customised user interface

The Nyon user interface makes your Nyon even easier to personalise. Define your personal cockpit, drawing on almost 30 different options and three design suggestions.







Comfortable route planningDisplay Bosch Nyon

Plan your own routes on the online portal, Nyon or the eBike Connect Smartphone app.

The integration of Outdooractive content means you can easily and conveniently discover exciting routes in more and more regions in the eBike Connect online portal and then transfer them to the Nyon.


Selection of route profiles

You can choose between the fastest or most scenic route, or a route for eMountain bikers, predominantly along dirt tracks. Alternatively, the shortest route can be calculated for S-pedelecs.



Experience the most beautiful places along the route and plan your eBike tours with up to eight stopovers in the portal.



In addition to the home address, there is also a 'Take me to work' function; once you have stored an address on or in the smartphone app, you can use this shortcut to let the Nyon navigate for you.


More memory

The 8 GB memory offers space for sufficient map material. But you can continue to navigate even with a full memory: you can use Bluetooth to stream the required map material to your Nyon.






Training functionDisplay Bosch Nyon

Regardless of whether you are in training for a competition or you are a health-conscious and active amateur athlete, Nyon provides all the relevant data in real time to motivate you while riding.


Fitness check

The Nyon determines your pedal force and cadence and calculates performance and energy consumption statistics from this. You can use a heart rate chest strap to get even more accurate values.


Online evaluation on eBike Connect

You can see how effectively you have been training in the online portal.




Other functions


Individual modificationsDisplay Bosch Nyon

For example, you can enter tour destinations via the eBike Connect app or change the screen layout as you wish. Attractive premium functions enable you to customise your eBike assistants: get the paid premium function for modifying the riding modes or topographic range.


Charging station for external devices

The micro USB port is useful not only for diagnosis by your specialist dealer, but also for charging external devices, such as smartphones.





Bosch eBike Connect

Display Bosch Nyon



eBike Connect Smartphone App


eBike Connect Smartphone App

Connect the Nyon to your smartphone via Bluetooth with the eBike Connect App. You can modify settings, transfer route plans or use additional premium functions for your own personal, networked interactive eBike experience while on the move.

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eBike Connect online portalDisplay Bosch Nyon

You can view all relevant information on your tablet or PC in the eBike Connect online portal at The data is transferred easily between the online portal and the Nyon via Wi-Fi.





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