Battery PANASONIC Li-ion 36V/17,5 Ah (630 Wh)

Baterie Panasonic 630 Wh (17,5 Ah)Battery PANASONIC Li-ion 630 Wh / 17,5 Ah

Li-Ion based cells in Panasonic 630 Wh / 17,5 Ah battery are the heart of electric bike.


The battery is integrated within e-bikes frame and when combined with centre drive motor it is a perfect harmony for great balance and handling while contributing to a very sleek look overall.

This battery is capable of delivering up to 150km of range although it does depend on riding style and level of assistance enabled.


BMS (Battery Management System) circuit is included to protect the battery from overheating shortcircuiting and overcharging. Battery can be charged directly as mounted on a bike or it can be removed and taken to be charged at home with charging lead being compatible with household mains although a socket adapter may be required in some countries. Supplied charger will get the battery from empty to full in 9 hours.