Turbo Charger AGOGS 36V / 5A

Fast charging for your e-bike.

For models: Barack, LowStep, SilverGo, CityLiner, Tracer.

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Travel Charger is designed primarily for 36V battery electric bikes AGOGS (3PIN XLR) connector, but can be adjusted according to the manufacturer of your battery. It is necessary to verify if your battery electronics designed for quick-charging.

Thanks to the turbo-charger shorten the time required to recharge the battery by more than 60%, which is mainly on long trips very appreciate.

Technical Specifications:
Size: only 175x80x55 mm
Weight: only 0.7 kg
Input: 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Output: 42V / 5A DC (ie. Max. Charging current is 5A power of 210 W