PearTune MSO Bosch 4.0

Unfortunately, this e-bike model is no longer on our offer.

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PearTune MSO Bosch 4.0

PearTune connects to the pedelec system using compatible original connectors. There is no need to set up the device or use diagnostics during installation. All configuration and adaptation to the settings of a specific piece of pedelec is ensured automatically.
PearTune is connected between the speedometer sensor and the engine unit and between the display and the engine unit. The display power is used as the power supply. All data such as current, average, maximum speed, distance traveled, etc. remain true on the display.
The only difference is that from the moment of installation you, not your bike, determine how fast you go. The maximum speed is limited only by the pedaling frequency.

The PearTune MSO is connected between the rear wheel speed sensor, the control unit and the e-bike display. All data such as current, average, maximum speed, distance travelled, etc. remain true on the display.

The distance travelled during a ride with the chip switched on may not be exactly the same as the actual distance travelled, so it is recommended not to switch off the display immediately after the ride has finished. The display is used to calculate the kilometres travelled, which is indicated by the speed indicator. The display can be switched off as soon as the speed indicator shows zero. Alternatively, it switches itself off after a short time. PearTune MSO Bosch 4.0 settings Setting the maximum assist speed from 26-60 km/h in 1 km/h increments Chip lock - the chip cannot be activated by buttons, making it much more difficult to detect in the bike chip triggering - the status of the chip when the bike is switched on (active/inactive) still-on function - the chip is still active and cannot be switched off method of mileage calculation choice of buttons to activate/deactivate the chip (walk, lights, + and -) chip reset - in case of installation on another bike, speed sensor replacement, etc.


Technical parameters

Dimensions without cables: 21 x 40 x 12mm
Power supply voltage range: 5 - 15 V
Maximum power consumption: 100 mA
Maximum power consumption: 1.5W
Weight: max 30g

Voltage nowhere in the device, neither inside nor on the input/output pins exceeds 20 V