Motor GIANT SyncDrive Pro 85 Nm

Motor GIANT SyncDrive Pro 85 Nm

Giant and Yamaha, these two brands are inseparable...

The latest generation SyncDrive Pro is significantly more compact and lighter than its predecessor, but still impresses with up to 85Nm of torque.

While e-bikes with previous engine models were stuck on obstacles such as tree stumps and rocks, the latest compact Reign E+ engine will provide significantly more ground clearance.

At the strongest of the five levels of support, the SyncDrive Proshould deliver about four times what the rider develops. Using multiple sensors that also take into account the gradient of the incline, the dynamic and progressive SmartAssist mode cleverly adapts the level of support to the riding situation.

Depending on the model variant, the e-bike draws power from either a 625 Wh or 750 Wh battery, both of which are integrated into the Reign E+'s downtube.



Based on automatic calculations, Smart Assist technology with 6 sensors determines the exact amount of energy the cyclist needs. The result is an extremely smooth and natural riding experience.



The motor starts immediately when pressure is applied to the pedals. This helps the rider control the bike under acceleration and offers reliable performance on steep climbs and at lower speeds.



The support ratios can be tuned for a more dynamic riding experience that suits the individual needs of each rider. This is Giant's most powerful engine technology, with a high torque of 85 Nm and a 400 % boost ratio.


Motor GIANT SyncDrive Pro 85 Nm