Motor Cargo Line

Motor Cargo Line


Designed specifically for cargo e-bikes, the Cargo Line motor makes transportation easy and convenient, whether it's delivering to customers or taking the kids to daycare or shopping. Loaded or unloaded.

Cargo Line reacts precisely and predictably in every situation.

In addition to the 85 Nm of torque, cargo bikers will also benefit from a more dynamic set-up.


The engine provides stronger support at low cadence and offers more support when the rider is starting or accelerating. This makes everyday transportation easier and ensures maximum riding enjoyment.


Max. točivý momentMax. torqueMotor Cargo Line

Easy to transport heavy loads.



Max. podporaMax. support​​​​​​​

Powerful even under heavy load.




Pohonná jednotkaDrive unit​​​​​​​

Supports speeds up to 25 km/h.