How to pack an e-bike

How to pack an e-bike:


The following text describes how to pack an e-bike in the best possible way in case of return. 


Any product you return must be in new condition and shipped in the original packaging, including all manuals and accessories provided with the product.

We strongly recommend our customers to keep the original box up to 1 year after the purchase of goods, just in case!


Use wrench 15 mm  to remove the pedals and carefully pack them.


Remove the handlebar with the allen key. Usually the size of a 4 or 5 mm.


Carefully wrap the handlebar in the packaging material (ideal bubble wrap), especially in the display area.

Attach the wrapped handlebar to the e-bike frame so it does't move. Be careful not to damage the hydraulic brake hoses.


Take off the front wheel. Wrap the left handle with thin carton, turn it upwards and put the front wheel on it. Where tyres, rims or wheel hubs touch any part of the e-bike, wrap it carefully with packing material that will fix it. Attach the front wheel to the frame so that it does not move during transport. If the front wheel has a brake disc, be sure to keep it away from the e-bike frame.Place, for example, a piece of hard carton between the box and the brake disc. 


If you have an electric bike with a hydraulic brake, put a piece of carton about 2 mm wide between the brake pads - there are also special transport inserts between the brake pads, which you can buy in specialized shop. 


If necessary, also remove the saddle and pack it carefully.


Make sure that the size of the e-bike is no larger than the size of the box. Place the e-bike in the box, if possible, with the help of another person.


If the e-bike is moving in the box, fix it with a well formed solid carton.


Enclose a copy of the order confirmation document, a detailed description of the problem, your phone contact and address.


Attach the pedals, saddle, battery keys, properly packaged charger and front wheel axle.


Carefully seal the box and order a DHL Freigft shipping service.


Send a package to the address:  

K letišti 2 / 1151, Praha 6 - Ruzyně

161 00, Czech Republic