Hövding AirBag

It's safe without a helmet.

With Hövding no problem!
Hövding is a revolutionary protective aid - for cyclists, which is 90% more efficient than a classic cycling helmet.


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  • The Hövding bicycle airbag is designed as an elegant collar with a hidden airbag that protects your head from all sides in the event of accidental collapse / electro / scooter.


  • Hövding contains sensors that constantly monitor the movements of the cyclist. The sensors detect a change in the speed and angle of the cyclist and distinguish between normal cycling and an accident.


  • In the event of an accident, Hövding detects an abnormal pattern of movement and activates the airbag. Inflation (inflation) takes a tenth of a second (0.1 second), the airbag inflates fully before the head impacts.


  • Behind this product is seven years of development, in collaboration with experts in cycling, head injury, airbag specialists and mathematics.


  • Absorbs 3 times more shocks than the best bike helmets on the market


  • 90% higher head protection than a classic helmet


  • Hövding has undergone many crash tests involving stuntmen. If you do not want to wear the helmet, and at the same time want to minimize the health risk in the event of a crash, the bike is the right choice for you.