Giant RideDash Evo display

RideDash Evo


Display RideDash EVO 

This Completely redesigned from the ground up screen for 2021 models features more sprty look with full colour display and graphic displaying new functionality to enhance your ride enjoyment.

Handlebar compatibility and reliable wire connectivity with low profile screen to display information about speed, range, battery status and navigation even a heartrate when connected through app. There is 5 five presets and button to active walk assist and it is supplied with two universal brackets.



  • Compatible with electric bikes MY 2021 with Smart Gateway (SG) technology
  • To be used with RideControl Ergo or RideCOntrol Ergo 2 control unit
  • Clear clolour screen
  • Battery status, motor assistance level and range
  • Current maximum and average speed, distance, time, odometer and rev counter
  • Navigation using Giant RideControl app for Android / iOS
  • Message call and email notifications using RideControl app
  • Water resistace certified IP67
  • Dimensions 54x77x11mm, weigth 39g
  • Colour Black
  • Compatibility with all handlebars. Attached using two universal brackets