Gearsensor shift sensor

Increases gear comfort. It extends the service life of the drive components

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Like all, centrifugal drives have their advantages and disadvantages. The major drawback can be clearly denoted by the significant stress of the chain and the entire shifting system. Shifting is noisy and accompanied by unpleasant shocks when changing speeds. The result is a lower life of components than a conventional bicycle or an electric motor with a hub engine.

The Gearsensor is a small device that is placed on the shift cable and the engine control unit gives information about the movement of the cable when shifting. Then, for the time required to change the gear, it interrupts the operation of the engine to allow a smooth and silent gearshift. The bonus is to extend the life of the chain, cassette and other drive components.

The Gearsensor is primarily designed for Bafang Max Drive-powered bicycles. The sensor is connected to the cable path that leads from the gear lever to the derailleur. The engine is then equipped with a special connector for the shift sensor.

Dimensions: 65 x 19 x 11 mm (length x width x height)