Ebike shop Prague - ekolo.cz


Greatebike e-shop was first opened in 2007 in Prague. There are approximately 200 different models of electric bikes in stock. 

This year you can find 14 Czech and foreign brands of electric bikes at Greatebike. We offer only proven and quality e-bikes from brands that provide sufficient service support. We therefore apologize if we do not offer the brand of e-bike you want, but we are sure that we can offer you a suitable alternative that will serve you better in a given price and type category. Long-time specialists in electric bikes from greatebike.eu: Andrea, Lukas and David are looking forward to offer you the best e-bikes.




Despite the above-standard services provided, buying an e-bike at Greatebike.eu is more financially advantageous than in classic brick-and-mortar bike shops or e-shops. We buy e-bikes from suppliers in higher volumes and thus obtain the highest possible price advantages, which we pass on to our customers.


Principles of offer and sale of electric bikes in ekolo.cz:

  • At greatebike.eu, we actually have marked e-bikes in physical stock.  
  • Any e-bike purchased at greatebike.eu will be carefully assembled, inspected and test ridden. 
  • All e-bikes will be carefully serviced in-house and we guarantee the availability of spare parts for a minimum of 4 years from the date of sale. (You will not hear from us that we will not service or repair your eco bike, as we often hear from unhappy customers of "dealers").
  • The prices offered by us for e-bikes will always be the lowest possible that the distributor or manufacturer of the particular e-bike will allow. 
  • At greatebike.eu we will never make up and tell you unrealistic parameters of the offered e-bikes.